New York in January! What’s in my carry-on?

This is not a travel blog but I know that I love seeing what other people have in their carry on even if I’m not actually going on a trip and figured you would enjoy it also! I’ll be in NYC for 6 days in figgin January!

Yeah I’m going to freeze my rear off! I really don’t enjoy the cold, my bones start to hurt, I literally feel like a cartoon skeleton being rattled around and more layers don’t warm me up, it just weighs me down!

BUT, I really really am excited to be back in NYC, cold or not, on our 7th engagement anniversary! Sadly, Matthew & Malachi will not be with me on this trip, but if you want to see Matt and I 7 yrs ago as newly engaged babies in NYC, You can see that HERE

Back to Packing:


I am only taking a carry on and a personal bag because – this ain’t Southwest where everyone gets a million bags for free! Also, it’s just me and I’ll be staying with family so I will probably do a load of laundry while I’m there!

*Lindsey, I guess this is my official request to do laundry at your house… please & thanks!? :)*

Y’all know TSA be cray so, these mesh travel bags, help keep my cosmetics and toiletries, visible, accessible and slimly contained. Since I’m only taking a carry-on, all my liquids have to be 3 oz or less!

Malachi loves playing with them too… as you can see.

I also have these Packing cubes   which I use to help condense my clothes once I’m ready to pack and also keep clean/dirty things separate for my trip back home!

This zipper on the side helps squeeze the clothes even smaller and save me a little more space! whoop!

Carry On:

I like to lay it all out before I actually pack so I can double check I have everything and also take a mental note of what can fit in the smaller spaces… like a puzzle.

4 Tops

1 Sweater

2 Scarves

3 Pants

2 Tights to layer underneath

7 pair socks (for day and night)

2 Pajama’s

Bible & Notepad

Sudoku Puzzle

Vitamin C

I’m using my ONA – Prince Street Camera Bag as my personal bag for a couple reasons. I will def be taking my camera and laptop with me so I like for them to be protected AND it has this nifty handle that will hold onto my carry on so I don’t have to actually hold the bag around the airport! yay!

See how it just fits perfectly? Plus there is a magnetic pocket back there where I can slide my phone, paper work, or boarding pass. (on wedding days my timeline goes there as well as family formal check list! the magnet keeps them from slipping out, it’s just all around great)

Personal Bag:







Phone & Charger

Hair tie & Sunglasses

Allergy meds

Canon 6D

Sigma Art 50mm f1.4

Macbook Pro & Charger

Macbook adapter


Sandisk Extreme Pro SD cards

and an extra pair of Socks… I like to put on another pair after the security screening, because if homeboy in front of me has foot fungus, I don’t want it, and I know this may not ACTUALLY protect me against it but in my head it does.

Travel Day:

Everything I’ll be wearing on the day of, I’ll re-wear later in the week. If I can help it, I’ll wear the bulkier things on travel day to save room in the bag, but I think most of what I have is about the same size.


The Jacket (Matt calls it a sleeping bag) of course will be with me.

I keep a thin tote folded up in my pocket or personal bag and bust it out when I need to put my jacket through the conveyer belt. I just don’t want the hood of my jacket where my face goes to get dirty or anything. ew.

Please let me know if you enjoyed this and If you want me to share about the spots I visit and how I found them?


OR if you also have weird things you do on travel days that you wouldn’t normally voice, I’d LOVE to know about it!




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    January 7th, 2019 at 3:48 am

    LOVE your blog♡♡
    Very entertaining:)

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