Traveling, anywhere,  any time we are able. We usually collect fun mugs at thrift shops wherever we go because I just recently started enjoying coffee with Matt. He's showing me that it's more of an experience! It's pretty fun!

I love my Jesus! He's teaching me that all people are valuable and unique! So, I do my best to treat people better than I want to be treated in hopes that they see Jesus through that!

i love

I have a serious love affair with sweets, specifically chocolate. You probably don't deal with this but I have a hard time at the check-out line because I hate spending money on ridiculous things but those chocolate bars TAUNT ME! The internal battle is kinda sad, I should have some self control right?

I'm married to my best friend Matthew! He is steady, wise, extremely goofy, and a HUGE spurs fan! We have a little two year old boy who is a great combo of us. The boy can dance though! Which is the cutest thing!

I'm Marissa

Hey my friend,



home sweet home

real moments


gorgeous florals

 As your wedding and portrait photographer, my favorite thing is making my clients feel comfortable and relaxed while actually having fun in front of my camera! As important as your wedding day is, I am here to make sure you have those beautiful memories that you hang in your home as the years pass. 

I am proud to say I have served over 100 joyful couples and families! Let me show you!

I believe that marriage is far greater than the wedding day!

Marissa's Philosophy