You know that weird feeling when you saw your school teacher at the grocery store or someone outside the office? I had that a little when I saw Melissa with her family lol I mean, I knew she had a family, duh, because she talks about them often but seeing her and her mom! holy […]

Jamie’s Senior Sesh at Texas A&M was a blast! Glitter, pompoms, jumbo gold numbers all made an appearance, not to mention her power pose – you’ll know it when you see it – haha This was my first time at this campus and it is ginormous! We walked from one spot the the other and […]

  The Most BEAUTIFUL people you will ever meet are turning 30 years old this year! Matt and I have had several conversations about the amount of peace that flows from them and how that can only come with a powerful story. Heartache and pain has not been spared from them but they have shared […]

If you’re from South Texas, you know that weather is unpredictable and this week has been full of rain! Saturday was supposed to be stormy and dreary but thankfully we didn’t see a drop of rain!!! Ashley and Polat are not dramatic people as it is, so I don’t think they were too worried about […]

Ashley & Polat’s engagement session at the McNay Art Museum was amazing! From the moment I saw Ashley and Polat walk in the door for our client meeting, I knew! I knew we would make good friends, I knew they would be fun and just knew they would be perfect! Ashley’s first message to me mentioned their […]

There was a soft glow from the window behind me. I was under warm, clean, white sheets. Two thick pillows held my head while I looked at you, a heavy 9lb 1oz newborn, on my chest. I was exhausted from the laborious night. My eyes, heavy, and weak fought to focus in on your little face. Matthew to my right, […]